Sunday, July 19, 2015

Jimmy's Worry (Friday, July 19th, 1985)

Holy shit! This is the greatest summer of my life! Today, I caught Tina blowing Joey! It happened  when I was finishing up my archery class. I had to piss, so I snuck off to the patch of trees behind the last target. That's where I could hear the slurping. I snuck as quietly as I could and there they were. Tina is a major babe. She was going to town on his chode, total tubular boner. Then, I thought I heard heavy breathing from my left, so I looked over. I was kind of scared that I was going to see that crazy fucker from before, but no! It was Zagnuts and he was bopping his baloney! I didn't lose mine so I bopped, too. It was weird. Best thing was Tina wasn't wearing a bra. Her titties were just hanging down cause Joey had her shirt up. I love this camp! I've seen sex and blowjobs and titties out the ass! I even got to see the tail end of the panty raid. There were sooo many titties.
The only thing I worry about is that crazy fucker showing up again and getting the camp shut down before I can pork Sarah. She seemed sick today at rehearsal, so I told her that I could take her temperature with my thermometer. It's 100% ALL BEEF!
It's Friday night and I'm going to go. I just know there's some porking going on, I can smell it!

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