Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pennsylvania State Police - Groves Memo #4277

Pennsylvania State Police Department

Narrative For Officer Brian P. Groves

August 12th, 1985

Ref: 25-70627-OF


Groves #4277

  On the evening of Aug 10, 1985, officers responded to an emergency call at 53 Silver Bear Rd, Camp Silver Bear. Upon arrival, we initially found no staff or campers on the grounds. After further investigation, we discovered the majority of the campers in a confused state at the camp amphitheater. On the stage, Officer Conlon was first to discover the decapitated head of staff member Hedgrew.
  As the investigation continued along the lake side, we discovered Kasabian and the five male campers: Hollis, Barnes, Quinn, Fellberg and Dillard. Kasabian was partially nude and in shock. Appoximately 100 ft from their location was a burnt-out semi-cave construction, still smoking from the fire that had just died out. There were several burned corpses strewn about the area.
  According to the five boys, a Charles Lewis--a native of Hopestown--kidnapped them over the span of the previous two weeks in an attempt to rescue them from what he described as "an evil presence". He kept them where he lived, in a self-constructed cabin three miles east of Vandez Bridge. On the morning of the 10th, Lewis and the boys embarked on their plan to rescue the remaining campers and staff at Camp Silver Bear. The six individuals hiked out down East Manning Road and into Brownsville--a fifteen mile distance--where they used a payphone to contact the State Police. Lewis contacted an associate in Brownsville that provided food, drink and a few items to the group. According to the boys, the items were bibles, vials of holy water and a revolver(.38 Smith and Wesson Special). The group then returned to the camp on stolen bicycles.
  When the individuals arrived at the lake-side scene, Lewis had the boys arm themselves with vials of holy water as they approached the cave construction. They responded quickly to screams from Kasabian. As they entered, they found three naked males surrounding Kasabian, who was tied to a rock slab. At this point, Kasabian was unconscious and one of the males was on top of her. Lewis entered firing the revolver and shot the three naked individuals. According to all five of the boys, the three men seemed unfazed by being shot and that is when Lewis recited a passage from the bible and the boys all doused the naked men with holy water. According to the boys, the men combusted into flames. The one man on top of Kasabian grabbed hold of Lewis as Barnes and Quinn pulled Kasabian free and out of the area. Lewis then screamed at Dillard, "Do it, now", and Dillard, Hollis and Fellberg emptied the rest of the vials onto the burning man. At that point, a fire blazed throughout the construction and the remaining boys fled the scene and onto the lake-side area where they were later found.