Monday, August 3, 2015

Teddy and Jimmy's Discovery


  Holy shit! Me and Jimmy hiked down to that creepy fucking bridge yesterday and we found some weird stuff! There's an entrance underneath the bridge that goes into a small room. The walls are painted completely black and there were bones all over the place. I think just animal bones, but Jimmy was sure one of them was a human femur. There were some ripped up clothes that looked just like that Walt guy's uniform. It even had the same patch that he had, the one that said "Smile if you got some last night". And then this rock slab that looked like some kind of altar or something. I've seen shit like that in the horror movies that play late on channel 9. In the movies, that thing is used for sacrifices! Craziest thing was the weird carvings all over it. Gnarly Devils with gigantic horns and naked people. It made me think about those stories about the murders back in '79. Maybe this was wear they did it? Thing is, I only heard one thing about any kind of devil worship or whatever. My brother told me that guy who killed that family might've been into Satanism or something. I don't know. Anyway, we thought we heard somebody coming so we ran away. Jimmy didn't want to tell anyone. I think he wants to make sure he gets to do the play. Dickhead. I had to tell somebody, so I went to Joey. I think he kind of believed me. He said to keep it quiet and he would check it out. This is fucking crazy.

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