Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Brenda's Saturday Night

June 30th, 1985

  So, Matt and I had totally amazing sex yesterday! We did it in the camp bus while we were in town. God, he's amazing. The only thing that was a little grody was seeing Joey and Amber doing it, too. But we were all so in the moment that I think it's okay. Like, that's what adults do, you know? It'd be totally different if it were anyone else, but they're both cute so it wasn't such a big deal.
  After that, we smoked a joint and Matt took everyone to the bar he had told me about. Everyone got to drink! It was totally rad! Then we all danced for, like, two hours. Tyrone's dancing is so fresh. The whole dance floor surrounded him and just watched as he breakdanced. The most amazing thing, though, is when the band invited him on stage. It was awesome to the max! Tyrone sang a bunch of funky James Brown songs and the whole bar was dancing. Then Zagnuts got on stage to dance and fell right into the drum set! The band tried to help him up, but he ralphed all over one of the guitars. Gag me with a spoon. That's when we all had to run out before they tried to fuck with us.
  Needless to say, Dave is pissed. He said he might not let any of us go on the next Townie weekend. And he's totally pissed at Zagnuts. The dork has to clean up the bathrooms for the rest of summer! Thank God, I didn't want to have to clean them with these kids using them now. Grody to the max.

Joey's Saturday Night

June 30th, 1985

  What a night! Damn, I've got such a fucking hangover. We went into town yesterday and by the end of the night there was so much porking going on I thought we were on a farm! Yesterday started boring as hell because there's nothing to do in that shitville. No mall and no arcade, nothing. I scored some bud from Rudy's friend Nick and then me and Amber got stoned. Everybody had some, even Zagnuts toked! What a dweebo. I don't know how much he's smoked before, but he couldn't handle it. We went to lunch and I thought he was going to eat everything on the menu. What a fat fuck! Anyway, me and Amber snuck off behind the diner and bopped against this dumpster. Tyrone caught us and said we needed to find a better place because the town's full of crazy-ass crackers. But he wasn't mad. We went back to the bus and fucked some more. Then the craziest thing happened, Brenda and Matt the driver snuck into the bus, too, and started boinking! They didn't see us, at first, because we were way in the back. But we got so turned on watching them that we started doing it again and they saw us. But they didn't stop and neither did we! We all just watched each other. It was awesome!
  By the end of the night, we were all at some redneck bar that Matt took us to. It was so rad because they sold us beer. Gnarly! I got wasted and couldn't find Amber, at first. Then I saw her sneak off with Matt. That's cool. I've got my eyes on Brenda, now that she knows how I fuck. The bar got bodacious and rowdy. A damn good time until Zagnuts threw up on the band! I laughed my ass off and then we all had to split when the rednecks started chasing us out!
  The hangover's bad, but the night was bad-to-the-bone!

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Hopestown Journal - Thursday, June 21st, 1979

Thursday, June 21st, 1979

No Trace of Killers
by Charles Lewis

  Since the grisly Silver Bear Lake Murders nearly three weeks ago, authorities are still baffled by the lack of leads in the investigation. The absence of motives and a damaged crime scene are the main reasons why, today, the Hopestown Sheriff's Office issued a one-thousand dollar reward to any individual that had solid information about the killings.
  John and Dorothy Chambers, along with their two young children, Cindy and Alan, were found slaughtered in a brushy area close to the Vandez Bridge in the northeast section of Silver Bear Lake. Coroner's reports concluded that all four bodies were severely mutilated before death, indicating extreme torture of the family. A memorial for the slain family was held last week at the Brownsville Recreation Center.

The Hopestown Journal - Wednesday, June 6th, 1979

Wednesday, June 6th, 1979

Search for Killers Continues
By Charles Lewis

  Local authorities continue their search for the perpetrator or perpetrators of Sunday's multiple-murder at Lake Silver Bear. No new information has been released on possible suspects, but the identities of the victims have. The four bodies found have been identified as John and Dorothy Chambers of Brownsville, and their two young children, Cindy and Alan. Few details of the murders are known, but sources close to the investigation say two of the bodies were found hanging from a tree, upside down. The other two bodies were discovered on the ground below. Sources have also confirmed that all four bodies were found stripped naked. Earlier this week, Sheriff Miller Dansby issued a town-wide curfew of eight o'clock. Dansby released a statement today that Camp Silver Bear will continue to be shut down as the investigation continues.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Zagnuts Preys

June 28th, 1985

  God, I HATE running! Today’s duties list Dave put out had me reffing the Capture the Flag game. I told him I couldn’t do it, and when he asked me why I said ‘cause I’m 250 pounds and hypoglycemic -- that’s why! He told me my parents never notified him about anything, and I guess he had a point there. Still -- he can’t rely on my self-diagnosis? What a dick! It was the worst damn thirty minutes of my life. Everyone got all mad at me ‘cause I couldn’t keep up with the action on the field, and I finally got so frustrated that I walked away and handed the score sheet to some kid camper that just happened to be spectating so that now he could ref. “Come back here, Zag Ass!” They kept saying. It was humiliating. But I didn’t pay em’ no mind. I had bigger fish to fry.
  I’ve nailed a couple prospects for my little summer project. Well, not nailed them -- but you know what I mean. There’s that Brenda chick who I hear’s a real loose skirt. Walt the Maintenance Guy says he’s seen her early in the morning run out to the shower room in just her bra and panties. No robe or anything! She’ll probably go if given the right prompting. Then there’s this other councilor, Sam. Real sweet smile, great laugh, and a totally pork-able body. She seems to hang around Rudy the lifeguard a lot, but I don’t think they do anything. Plus I heard she made out with one of the campers the other day by the lake; she’s gotta be desperate for some pole! I noticed she’s joined that bible study Ike Hollis -- one of my campers -- has set up in the Mess Hall after dinner, so she fits my Jesus Freak criteria. I enlisted him this morning before the Capture the Flag game to find out a little bit more about her situation -- like what she prays for and shit. He said it wouldn’t be ethical, but I also let him know I could pull some strings and get him on KP for the rest of the summer. He said he’d see what he could do. I hope it's today because it's the weekend and we've got our town trip tomorrow.  Zagnuts is gonna hit sackville! Only thing that sucks is that this Sam chick has the same name as my brother, so that may be a little weird. But I won’t let it stop me.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Rude" Awakening


Fuck Dellamussa. That punk got to Amber before I even had a chance. I had it all planned out that I was gonna get her toasted and nail her on the camp bus when we go to town on Saturday. Now she's on his wad! I thought Joey D was after Tina, so I helped him score some bud from Nick. Big mistake! Now my only hope for porksville is this chick Sam I’m on lake patrol with. She’s no Amber (and really no Tina!) but she’s cool. I got her with a prank and she slapped the shit outta me, but laughed afterward. Excellent smile. Bet she flosses. I’m going to take her into town and maybe see if Nick will let us get it on in his van or something. Man, I need it bad!

Dave Has An Understanding

June 27th, 1985

  Tomorrow marks the end of the first full week. Damn proud of these guys for all of the work they've put in. Of course, they've got to get ahold of their hormones. They're teenagers, I understand. Nancy keeps telling me to take it easy, but I can't have the campers discovering them in each other's pants. We'd be shut down, or worse, and I've worked too hard and sacrificed a lot to get this beautiful place working again. Good thing is they all have a day in town on Saturday. Gives them a chance to recharge and release. I hope they get it all out of their systems because they won't get another chance for three weeks.
  I complain, but the reality is these guys are doing a fantastic job and I do need to try and take Nancy's advice. I'm glad she's here. And I'm glad she brought that grass. DH

Friday, June 26, 2015

Sarah's Fun Teacher

June 26th, 1985

Dear Mom,
  I know this is the second time I'm writing to you in a week, but I still hate it here. It's hot and dirty and all of the classes are dumb. But I do like the arts and crafts classes. Our teacher is Mr. Tyrone, but he tells us to call him Mr. Tay. He is really really funny. He keeps calling everyone sugar and he always wears big, shiny rings and neon yellow sunglasses. Even inside! Mr. Tay doesn't make us build the usual camp stuff like baskets or birdhouses. In his classes, we're making colored sashes and glittery shoulder pads. Mr. Tay is also the director of the midsummer play and he says we are doing something called Allmendayus, or something like that. He told us s to forget what we know about it because he wrote music for it. Mr. Tay is having auditions next week! You know how much I want to be in a musical! I still hate it here, but it's getting a little better.
                            Sarah xxoo

Sam and Rudy, Lifeguard Duty

June 26th, 1985

Dear Diary,
  Today was just so much fun with the campers. It's been a week since they arrived and time has flown! So far this week, I've been on lifeguard duty with Rudy. He's not as bad as the others make him out to be, just a little rough. He's actually really funny. Today, one of the kids fell off the dock into the lake and I had to rescue him. It was Jimmy Barnes and when I got him out, I thought he wasn't breathing so I gave him mouth-to-mouth. The little brat started frenching me! I saw Rudy laughing and he confessed he set the whole thing up. I was so mad at first, but Rudy kept smiling and then I couldn't help but laugh. The rest of the day flew by after that. Rudy knows some places in town, so I think we'll have some fun when we all go this weekend. Of course, it'd be more fun if Dave were going, but he's staying with some of the head counselors to watch the campers.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nancy's Pep Talk


Hey babe,
  Dave has GOT to relax. He's been so uptight the past two days ever since he caught Joey and Amber balling. I told him to take it easy with those two, they're just teenagers. Full of raging hormones. Last night, we smoked and then he told me what was really the matter. He's worried about this place. I guess, the past two times that someone has tried to reopen the camp, vandals have set fires and smashed equipment. It seems some of the townies didn't want it to open up again. Maybe nobody wanted to lose money on Silver Bear, so they just gave up on it. I think Dave's afraid it's going to happen again if townies stumble on counselors having sex in the woods. I told him he was too paranoid, there was no need to worry and we just need to make sure everyone has sex in their cabins. Starting with us. He loosened up after I said that.
  Strange thing, though...I did have this weird feeling that we were being watched down by the lake. Here I am getting paranoid. It was probably one of the counselors. Zagnuts.

Matt Harrison - Hopestown Townie, Silver Bear Bus Driver - 19


Pretty awesome deal. I'm so glad I don’t have to stay in town with my step-dad all summer and all I had to do was drive a bus. I laid on the strings with Mr. Dave -- told him what was going on with my “home” situation, and he ended up putting me up in one of the bunks with the kids and a couple counselors. I just gotta give the little animals rides to the river every now and then for their rafting, and also go back to town for supplies when they need ‘em -- which is super rad ‘cause I’m already running low on grow and I’ve played out my new Stryper. You might think being stuck in a hot cabin with a bunch of filthy, shitting pre-teens all summer might suck a fatty, but actually, so far it’s been great! These kids are gnarly! One of them snorted a couple lines of a Bug Juice powder packet on a dare and got so hopped up from the shock that he punched a window. Goddamn, the blood was everywhere. He’s okay, though -- everyone clapped and lifted him up high when he came back from the Nurse with a bandage up to his elbow. This kid's pretty fresh. His name’s Jimmy and I gave him one of my Fangorias as a reward. I’ll probably get horizontal with that Brenda chick. She seems pretty interested, but not interesting--a real Joanie, so I won’t get involved. That’s the only thing that sucks a chub at this place. All these girls are all busy during the day with their classes, and at night Mr. Dave is so in on their business I wouldn’t be surprised if he spends all night watching the camp on closed-circuit TV. Couple of nights ago, he caught that Joey and Amber chick down at the lake, but to be fair Amber was screamin like a stuck pig so you can’t blame the head man for being intrusive. I think it’d be wrong anyway to go for Brenda at this camp -- or any of the girls, for that matter -- bein that Mr. Dave’s helping me out and giving me a place to stay and all. So I’ll probably wait for the counselors’ retreat to town this weekend. I’ll be drivin the bus and I’m sure I can get my buddy Gary who works at the Sunset Video to leave the stockroom keys for me. That’s where I’ll boink her.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Joey And Some Missing Undies

June 24th, 1985

  Man, Dave caught me and Amber bopping last night! So bogus. I've been talking to her the last day or two, just having a few laughs between camp classes and stuff. She let me know she was available, so I didn't waste time. We snuck off during the campfire and went to the lake. We started kissing and her mouth was like an animal. She bit me a hundred times! Then, she starts taking off her clothes. Butt naked! Then she runs into the water. Can you believe it?? She tells me to join her, so I do and take off my clothes. We splash around a little bit then swim over to the dock. This babe is major. The way the moonlight hit her body, I had a major boner. I just got on top of her and started porking. She was really into it, too. Then after a few minutes, we hear Dave screaming at us. We look up and there's Dave and Nancy staring at us, pissed off. He tells us to get our clothes on and to never go back to the lake without the group. I think he was more angry that we were at the dock than for us fucking. Live another day.
  Weird thing, we couldn't find our underwear. Amber's bra and panties and my underwear were missing. Dave swears he didn't take them. I bet Zagnuts was watching us and stole them. Pervert.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Zagnuts Hatches a Plan

June 23rd, 1985

Only two weeks in and I’ve stagnated. Most of the fun and promise of the summer has just seemed to, I don’t know….dry up. The last real fun I had was at the campfire when I scared all the girls with that blood on my face. I definitely developed a reputation after that as a master prankster, but I haven’t really followed up on it since then and things just seem to get deader out here by the minute. I guess it’s the kids. All the fun seemed to go right into the toilet as soon as that first bus got out here from the city. Plus the little shits broke into my candy stash and spanked all over my ONLY “Penthouse”. The pages are all sticky now and it’s useless goddammit! I’m gonna have to give these turds some instruction in how you don’t spank all over future spank sessions. Which brings me to something that’s been on my mind a lot lately. This is my last year at camp. And since I don’t have the grades to go to some university, my best bet is community college and living with my parents next summer. With those odds, the next few weeks will likely be my best chance to get ass in…well, maybe forever… This really scares me because I want a kid someday. And to my way of thinking, this summer may be my last best chance. Don’t ask me about how I’m going to provide for the tyke, or even who the girl is that’s gonna give him to me (probably a Jesus freak ‘cause they stay pregnant). Anyway, all I know is that it may be on the immediate agenda for me to make a baby Zagnuts. If not now, when? Right? I haven’t made up my mind just yet about this, but Joey said I could probably buy some condoms from Just Nick Nick. Then, I can punch some holes in them. I’m sure once the girl knows what’s what and how sweet my intentions, she’ll come around.

Ike's New Friend (June '85)

Dear God,
  I don’t understand what you must’ve been going through the day you made humidity. Did you have a fight with someone? Were you in a bad mood? Every time I walk outside I hold my hand in front of my face and it’s all blurry -- like some kind of abstract painting! I guess it’s ok. If we didn’t have your summer humidity, we wouldn’t appreciate your chill Fall air. It’s already the fourth day of camp and I’m liking it so far. Just not loving it. Well, most of the kids here know each other already because they were going to Camp Mossytree for a few years together. So there’s a lot of inside jokes I’m not in on. I keep wondering if there’s a kid who was with them last summer who is at Camp Cross now, and he’s in the same shoes I’m in. And all the guys in youth group were totally right -- no one here seems to care about you! There’s so much cursing, and I’ve even overheard some of the counselors talking about scoring some drugs from some townie who comes down by the lake to deal. Maybe I’ll keep my eyes and ears peeled for when they go meet the guy. I keep imagining this moment when I rip out a page from Revelations and suggest they roll their drugs in this! I think I’ll write to you some more today, but not in the cabin! I’ve been sitting here on the bed while all my other bunkmates are down at the lake, and it’s hotter in here than it is out there! Plus that creepy janitor guy is in here fixing the door latch. I think his name is Walt. He just asked me who I’m writing to and I said you. He told me if I want to meet Jesus, I should follow that counselor Tina into the shower some day. Whatever that means I’m not sure. I do like that Tina, though. She has a nice smile.
  In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jimmy Barnes - 12 (June 20th '85)

Wow! This camp is great! It's only been one day and I've already seen a cabin full of tits! I was checking out the camp with Teddy Dillard and we saw some of the girl counselors going inside their cabin, so Teddy got the idea that maybe we could peek in through the back window. We did and we saw everything! That counselor Brenda has a great set. I don't remember the other girls' names, but they were just walking around and talking to each other with no shirts! Or bras or anything! This camp is awesome!
Tomorrow is our first chance to go to the lake. Teddy says that some people got killed there a few years ago. He said it was a family and that the two kids were found hanging upside down with their guts hanging out. He said the dad was sliced neck to nuts and the mom had her tits cut off. This is going to be rad.

Sarah Stevenson - 12

June 20th, 1985

Dear Mom,
  Today was the first official day of camp and I hate it. I don't know anyone here except for Hobie Quinn, but he's so weird. He ate a roach last summer on a dare. Cindy Alvin didn't show up, I don't know why. She probably hated the look of it. The food is gross, they served some kind of meatloaf and macaroni stuff and I hate it. Why do I have to spend half of the summer here? I know you and your new boyfriend, Chip, are vacationing this summer, but I promise you if you ge me out of here, I'll stay out of your way. I promise, I promise, I promise! I hate it here.
                                                    Sarah  xxoo

Friday, June 19, 2015

Rudy the Lifeguard


Yeah, so these kids showed up today. Bummer. At least I'm doing lifeguard duty. I can just bake. What else? I started messing with this Amber chick. That's cool. She likes to get lit. I'm gonna pork her. Just gotta find the right time, these kids are bummers with that.
I gotta get me some tunes. Probably see what Nick can get hold of. Summer Bummer.

Brenda and The Driver

June 19th, 1985

The campers arrived today. Ugghh. My brain is fried to the max. How do they have so much energy? They probably all got into their parents' coke stash.
So things got really interesting. One of the bus drivers is staying for the summer and he is totally hot! His name is Matt and we talked for like half an hour at lunch. He's a townie and did I mention he's super hot? Matt said he knows some rad bars in town that totally serve teenagers. The first town trip is in two weeks. I so can't wait.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Miller Dansby - Sheriff of Hopestown (Retiring) - 67

10:12 AM June 18 1985

Filing this report because I went up to that Camp Silver Bear to talk with David Haggerty. The campers start arriving tomorrow and he needs to know a few things. I brought along some newspaper clippings in case he didn't know all the facts. As it turns out, he did.

I've never been more insulted in all my damn life. He all but laughed in my face when I told him this was an unsolved case and reopening the camp was a rotten idea. He started saying things like "that was then, this is now" and "no one will mess with us and this camp." He was mocking me...and I think he and half his staff were all high on dope.

They all need to keep their wits about them up there. Aside from getting that damn camp ready, I think all they're focused on is having them pretty young things to share their slumber bags with them. Can't say I blame them boys there. Wish I was a younger man sometimes.

I will keep an eye on them but only for so long. My days are winding down and it's about time me and Shirley up and moved to Florida. Over and out.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Just Nick" Nick - Hopestown Townie, Self-Employed - 20 (6/16/85)

Well, today my wallet just got a lot fatter. I had gotten a ring around 6pm from my buddy Rudy. Told me he was in need of some "goods" to help him get through all this shit-work his boss was throwing at him at this camp he's working. Of course, I was happy to help out...you can really hike up the prices on these goofs when they're desperate.

I met him by the lake at sundown, so nobody see us. After he left, I snuck into that camp and whoa...I need to think about being a counselor next summer. The babes there? Holy Christ. They're major. I've got my eye on a couple few of them. Gonna have to come up here again--soon. This one chick in the cabin,  Tits like a sparrow. I think I heard one of them girls call her Amber. I'll see her again. 

Nancy Kasabian - 22


Hey babe, miss me?
We finally arrived! Dave seemed happy to see me. I can tell he's been up in these woods too long. I brought Sonny and the new Arts and Crafts instructor, Tyrone. He's fun. These counselors are going to be great. There are some familiar faces. I remember Tina, Lisa, Carl and Zagnuts and, of course, Phil. I think the newbies will fit right in. Some of these girls grew up since last summer. Dave better watch himself. Dave is so funny, the first thing he asked me when I saw him was if I had any grass! Of course, I do. I brought an ounce. Another fun summer in the trees, here we go!

Samantha Pugh - June 16th, 1985

June 16th, 1985

Dear Diary,
 The campgrounds look awesome! We painted the cabins and bathrooms today and tomorrow we'll probably finish with the dock and lifeguard tower. The campers will be here on Wednesday, I'm so excited!
 The other head counselors showed up today. There was Sonny, the camp cook, and Tyrone, the A&C guy. Sonny is a little weird, but cute. I think he's a little older than Dave, but they seem to have known each other for a long time. Dave was so cute laughing with him. Tyrone is fun. He's really sparkly and is always smiling. Oh, and there was Nancy. She's the head counselor for the girls. I guess she's cool. Her and Dave know each other really well, too. I don't think he would ever date her, though. I don't think she's his type. She's very loud.
 I saw Joey flirting with Tina again. He totally has the hots for her, but I think she's not that interested. Brenda told me Tina is in a long relationship with some college guy.
  The girl's cabin is rad. All of the girls get along and there is now lots of room, now that we threw away those grody cots. The boys cabin is real close, so I hope they don't mess around with us. Brenda is so open with her body. She just walks around naked like she was alone in her own room! I just can't be like that. Most of the girls are usually topless when we're just hanging out before bed, but none of them are like Brenda.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Walt McAlister (Maintenance) - 58

Well, today was a hot one and I don't just mean the Goddamn temperature outside. I got pretty lucky when Dave called me up and said the girls' bathrooms was having a plumbing problem. I went over there with my tools and sure enough, the toilet was stopped up. Someone needs to tell these gals that they cant flush their tampons or pads or whatever the hell down there. Got that done in half a second but the best part was as I was leaving, that Tina passed me by-- to go shower. Let's just say I might have turned back around and peeked through the window at her changing. I saw it all and it was Goddamn glorious. I cant wait to tell the younger guys about it-- especially Rudy. Little shit is gonna be asking for details. I would tell Dave but he's a bit of a straight arrow and I think he's all ready banging her. I love my job.

Dave's Help

June 15th, 1985
 It's hard to believe we've nearly reached the first day for campers. Just a few days left. So proud of these counselors, they've worked their tails off getting this place in order. I haven't had to be too much of the bad guy, yet. No one has gotten out of hand or disobeyed myy rule of staying away from the northeast area of the lake. I appreciate it and I'll be relaxed on some other things. Mitchell's a handful, but he's been good at keeping his focus, so far. I wish I could say the same for Joey, but he's got girls on the brain. I can't blame him. It's been great having Phil with me to run things, but the work has taken its toll on both of us and Walt's just...well, he's Walt. The extra help is much needed. Nancy should be here tomorrow and she's bringing Sonny and the new Arts and Crafts instructor, Tyrone. It'll be great to see her and Sonny. I hope she brings some grass, I'm out.
  I love this place. I really feel that this is going to be a fantastic summer. I just hope these kids can keep their hormones in check. DH

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Joey's Plan

June 14th, 1985
  Man, this week has been bogus. All of us have been working like dogs trying to get this camp in awesome condition. We've been working long days and we haven't had much time to party. I'm almost out of bud. Totally bogus. Dave said we'll have a few times to go into town during the summer, so I'm hoping one of them is soon. Somebody's gotta have some bud in that lame town, there's nothing else to do there! Maybe I can score some booze, too. Bud and Booze. I just gotta get some of these babes high. As my old man says, "get them high, legs'll spread wide". I totally would like to see Tina get wide. That babe is major. I've talked to her a few times, she's cool. Just quiet. I'll get her to loosen up. She might be way cooler now, but Zagnuts had to spaz out and get blood all over her the other night. I think it was ketchup or something. What a dweebo. I gotta get him laid. Maybe with that Lisa Butts. She must've fell out of the butt ugly tree and hit every limb on the way down. That's a match made in heaven. I gotta get that porker to pork with Butts. I'm a genius!

Ike Hollis - 12 (June, 1985)

Dear God, 

Well, I leave for camp in four days and I couldn’t be more excited! It seems like only yesterday that I prayed on it and made the decision to attend Camp Silver Bear. Of course my parents were concerned, and all the kids in youth group keep asking me why I decided to attend a secular summer camp instead of Camp Cross, which I’ve been at the last two years -- and I’m sure I don’t need to explain to you, Lord, what I had to tell them. This is my chance to do something GOOD with my faith! All those kids at Cross have already made up their minds. It’s likely that Silver Bear campers my age -- and even some of the counselors -- have not accepted you into their hearts, and all they need is someone like me to show them how awesome you are! 

And boy am I prepared! I packed three bibles: my annotated teen study bible (don’t leave home without it, haha), my pocket New Testament in case we go on any long hikes, and my King James for Kids -- in case I meet any campers who need it spelled out for them. I know there will be a lot of temptations at a camp like this. It’s co-ed, so I’m sure there will be a lot of girls who will want to have sex. But don’t worry and DON’T doubt me! My faith has never been stronger, and Brother Rick has given me a lot of advice on how to deal with doubt and what-not. 

So you better go to the bathroom now, Lord. Beginning Wednesday, you’re going to have A LOT of business!

In Jesus' name, Amen.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

"Rude" Rudy Peachman - 19


First off, I don't wanna write this shit. But since I have to for my rehab agreement, here it is. Some of these other counselors are dweebs. That fat boy is the worst. But he makes me laugh. The chicks are cool. I dig that Tina chick. But she's gotta get that blood off her first. Ha! Dave's cool, but he needs to relax on this place. That story he told us was rad. I definitely have to get out there to where it happened. He said it was somewhere across from the pier. I gotta check it out when I get the chance and I'm not cleaning fucking bathrooms. So I guess this is enough. Bye.

Brenda Booker - 18

June 12th, 1985

  Yesterday was hellacious! I had to help clear off the camp trails. And it was so humid. Like, what do they want from us? Then, last night was so lame. We had to listen to Dave tell this grody story at the campfire dinner. So like, there was some satanic murder thing here in '79. I guess some weirdo family killed this other family, but I don't think they ever caught them or something? I don't remember the whole story because it was like totally grody to the max. Dave kept telling us how the satan family cut up the other family and did stuff to them. God, gag me with a spoon, like I'm getting sick just thinking about it. Dave told us to stay away from the other end of the lake, AS IF! Then that nerd Zagnuts tried to scare everybody by running at us covered in blood, but the dweeb tripped and landed on Tina Myers. He got blood all over her! What a lame-o. I wonder if Tina has the hots for Dave? I think she does, she sat all close to him. I have to help with the showers today. I wish I was helping Dave with the signs and stuff. Sam is so lucky.

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Hopestown Journal - Sunday, June 3rd, 1979

Sunday, June 3rd, 1979

By Charles Lewis

Four bodies were found early Sunday morning near the shoreline at Silver Bear Lake. Authorities believe one or more individuals perpetrated the heinous crime and are still on the loose. The bodies were found across the lake from the Camp Silver Bear pier, where campers can be found swimming and canoeing during the summer. Sherrif Miller Dansby issued a statement that the camp will be closed as the investigation is ongoing. Camp staffers were expected to be arriving for the annual summer camp preparations in two weeks. Sherrif Dansby also strongly advised all individuals to stay away from the northeast end of Silver Bear Lake and all adjacent roads as authorities continue their investigation.

Mitchell "Zagnuts" Hedgrew - 18

June 11th, 1985

  Here we go! Finally a senior counselor at summer camp and this summer I will make it work. No more brown-nosing and getting picked on. Those kids coming in a couple of weeks must respect me, because the buck stops here, son. And if anything gets hairy, Dave’ll back me up. He’s cool. He even gave me an easy duties list. I don't have to clean the bathrooms! I'm so glad he asked me to come help him here at Camp Silver Bear. Last summer at Camp Mossytree was horrible. 
  I lost something like 10 pounds Junior year, and some of that even turned into muscle! Some of the counselors were from Mossytree and I think they are noticing that I’m not quite the fatty I was last year. They’re giving me real respect looks. No one’s even called me Zagnuts yet -- amazing! I thought I’d never get over that one hot night last July when I faked being sick just so I could stay in the cabin alone and jerk off while everyone else was down at the campfire. It was so damn hot I stripped off everything just so I could finish without passing out. Well it went well til the end when I realized I couldn’t find a clean sock to shoot in, so in a frenzy I grabbed a Zagnut bar for the wrapper and of course you don’t want to waste a perfectly good Zagnut, so I held it in my mouth instead of just dropping it on the floor. AND THAT HAD TO BE THE MOMENT when everyone came back from the campfire only to find little ole me munching down a candy bar while spewing in its wrapper. Well for the rest of the summer everyone called me Zagnuts-- even though anyone outside the cabin didn’t know why. See, the guys didn’t tell the origin story, just the name. I guess they felt some empathy. 
  So I feel real good with who I am right now -- I might even work up the courage to take a walk on the lake with someone. I’ve got a few girls in mind already. Everybody’s got that Tina pretty well pegged, but I’m not dumb enough to think she’s in my league...yet. Maybe I can saddle up to her at the campfire dinner tonight. But I'll act like I don't notice her.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dave Haggerty, Owner/Operator of Camp Silver Bear

Day 11 - June 11th, 1985
  This is a strong group. They seem to enjoy the work, which is good. I've been here a week and a half and it began to feel impossible. The work needed to make this beautiful place live again is so great and daunting. It's a much harder undertaking than I had imagined. But when these kids arrived yesterday, everything changed. They really hit the ground running. I feel renewed with them and I am so grateful. The truck will be here tomorrow and I can finally provide a good meal for the counselors. They certainly deserve it. Perhaps it's too early, but I think tomorrow night we'll have a campfire dinner and I'll tell them what happened here six years ago. Phil doesn't think I should. He thinks the story will frighten some of them into leaving, but I don't want them hearing some exaggerated version of the story in town. It's best if they hear it from me now. The truth. Long day tomorrow. But a good day. DH

Samantha "Sam" Pugh - 18

June 11th, 1985
  Dear Diary,
I hope the rest of summer is as perfect as today. All of the counselors began the repairs of the camp grounds. I started by helping the other girls clean out the old cabins for the campers. Some of the girls, like Tina, moaned a bit because it was so dirty, but I didn't mind. It's like Mom always told me, "God made dirt and dirt don't hurt". After the cabins, we all split up to do our duties list assignment. Mine was helping Dave with sign repair. It was way fun and easy. Dave just had me hold some wood while he did most of the work. I'm not sure, but I think Brenda has the hots for him. She said she could tell he has a good body. He's kind of hunky, so I understand. But I don't think he would go for her. He's 25. He's a man and Brenda is still a girl. I feel bad writing that, but I'm only saying the truth. He's also really smart and she doesn't like smart guys. Dave knows so much, he talked all day about the history of this area and how much the camp means to him. I think he sees it as a legacy or something. He said he's rescuing it from being torn down for good. And then it got hot and he took his shirt off. I tried not to look, but I think he noticed. He does have a hot body. But he's 25.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Joey Dellamussa - 17

June 10th, 1985
  Today was so rad! I rode with some of the other counselors to Camp Silver Bear. They all seem really cool. We got here about one and the head counselors were already here. The main guy in charge is Dave Haggerty. He seems okay, but kind of a lame-o. I could tell most of the girls thought he was pretty bitchin. He showed us which cabins we would be using and I was totally bummed out. I'm in a cabin with a bunch of guys! For two and a half months! I thought we'd have at least a couple of girls. But they're not far off, just about twenty yards away. They have their own cabin and I'll definitely be checking it out. The food was bogus, but Haggerty said it'd be better. It was just "first night". We've got a week and a half before those little shits arrive. Just kidding, those sweet little campers. Anyway, we've got to clean this place up before they get here and it's horrible! Haggerty said he would post the duties sheet tomorrow. I hope I don't get stuck cleaning the bathrooms! Oh, and I almost forgot...there's one last thing that makes this all worth it. Her name is Tina. God, beautiful big tits. Blonde and blue eyes. I think I'm in love. I HAVE to be with her! She said Hi to me in the dining hall...her voice. Her ass. God, I'm in love. This is going to be the greatest summer of my life!