Saturday, August 8, 2015

Teddy, Jimmy and Hobie


  I'm fucking right about this place! Something bad is happening here and I think Phil is behind it. As soon as I tell Joey about what we found under the bridge, he gets fired from camp?? No way, NO FUCKING WAY. I bet Joey went down there and Phil caught him and did something. I don't want to say it, but...this is total bogus shit. We found out that Sonny and Amber are gone, too. The counselors are saying the same thing. Phil sent them both home early. And I totally don't believe it cause we've got less than a week left! Tonight, we're gonna do something. Me and Jimmy are gonna sneak into Phil's cabin. We got Hobie Quinn to help us. He's gonna distract Phil somehow and get him outside while me and Jimmy sneak in and try to find out what we can. I'm not sure what we're looking for, but I think we'll find something. Fuck this place.

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