Sunday, August 9, 2015

Teddy and Jimmy's Discovery


  I KNEW something bogus was happening here! Okay, last night we found out some crazy shit. The plan was for Hobie to draw Phil out of his cabin and down to the lake. He used his flashlight like he was some stranger walking around the camp. Phil went for it and as soon as he followed Hobie, me and Jimmy snuck in. Jimmy was lookout while I went through everything. The only things I found were old clippings about the murders in '79 and an old map of the area. Jimmy said Hobie's light turned off like we planned when he hit the lake. That was our signal to scram, so we did. We got back to our cabin with the map and clippings and checked them out. Real weird stuff. The map was definitely old and it showed the area before the camp was built. There were weird markings all over it and Jimmy swears up and down that it looks like a burial site. If that's true, Silver Bear is right on top of it! The really strange thing is, nobody's seen Hobie OR Phil all day! I don't know what the fuck to do and I'm freaked out. I hope Hobie is okay.

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