Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Brand New Tay

30 July 1985

  Ooh wee! Something has lit up these kids and it’s lighting me up too! Two weeks ago, I was ready to cancel the entire Amadeus production and replace it with some white trash talent show. But now my little sugars are bringing the Fosse and showing me Twyla. Tay Tay's babays are wise beyond their years! And I’m feeling it myself – it's a splash of me trying on my first tiara and strutting it for my sisters and her friends during our basement costume shows. Ooh Wee, I feel alive! It’s strange, but I feel like this happens every now and then. Maybe it was a dream I thought was real, but I remember once I got so filled with magic pixie dust that I could fly! Oh, hush, Tay Tay...better not let that get out or it'll be like high school gym all over again. "Everybody get home, it's Lick-a-Bone Tyrone!" "Run and hide, Ty likes Guys!" And I cannot have them saying those cruel things to me. Oh, Tay strong. Be proud. You are a gorgeous young man. You will NOT be held down, strapped to a bed, spanked and abused by labels. If they find out, let them! I'll be their Tay Tay Fairy, if that's the way they want it. My pretty ass would look great in tights! Okay, back to dress rehearsals! It’s like Irene sings, “What a feeling! Being’s believing! I can have it all, now I’m dancing for my life!”

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