Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sam Can't Help It

July 9th, 1985

Dear Diary,
  This week has started off a little crazy. I think everyone has finally gotten over the stomach flu from the 4th, but it really put us all on edge. Especially with Zagnuts. The campers have totally been on his case since then, I think they think he had something to do with the sickness. Some of them have been making fun of him every chance they get. And it's getting physical, too! I found Zagnuts in the girl's bathroom this morning, duct-taped to one of the stalls. He said a group of campers got him last night and did it, but he didn't know who because it was so dark. I think he knows who, but doesn't want to say because he thinks that'll earn their respect. Guys are so weird! I made a mistake, though. Once again, the nice girl that I am got me into some bad situation. I was helping him out of the tape and I felt sorry for him because he looked so I kissed the top of his head. Then he tried to squeeze my boobs! Well, more than try, HE DID! God, that made me so mad. I screamed and walked away really fast.
  Then I got to hang out with Dave for a while before dinner. He seemed bothered by something. I told him he could tell me anything, but he just brushed me off and said that it was something the Sheriff had told him in town. He told me not to worry, but he wants me to help make sure that none of the campers or the staff wander into the woods alone. I bet it has something to do with that crazy guy Amber was talking about. Well, it was nice being with Dave. I feel guilty thinking this, but...I hoped he was going to tell me that he was having troubles with Nancy. I know it's so wrong, he's so much older than me. But not that much older.

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