Monday, July 27, 2015

Joey Ain't Biting

July 27th, 1985

Something's going on. I think something bad. Something totally uncool. First, Sam and Rudy go missing, then Dave. Where are they? It's been a week! Nancy called a meeting with all of the staff today. It seems even that dirty fucking janitor guy, Walt, hasn't shown up in two weeks. Guess he got scared. She told us to remember that we've got a camp full of kids and we can't lose focus. Zagnuts asked why we don't go into town and ring up their parents. Phil said that'd scare the piss out of them and they'd sue us all for all kinds of shit. Fucking bogus. Phil laid some shit on us, though. He said Dave probably took off due to the stress, like he couldn't handle it or something. Then he tells us that Sam and Rudy had enough of the camp and went home. He said he was going to split up their checks with the rest of the staff. Which is cool, but...can he do that? Sounds bogus to the max.
But the weekend is here and we can all just take a chill pill. I just wanna pop open a few brewskies and not think for a while.

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