Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Fourth of July


“Mistakes are proof that you are trying” -- Mr. Dave

6:30 -- Flag raising/rise n’ shine -- Dellamusa/Tina 
(Special note: take this seriously today, guys. It’s the 4th for God’s sakes Show some respect. Don’t get any more grass stains on Ole Glory)

7:15 -- Breakfast. (KP -- Bear cabin)

8:30 -- Morning activity

Special events (pick one): Capture the flag; Mess Hall decorations for tonight’s 
Independance dance; Graham the Snake Man at outdoor classroom; hike with Mr. Dave up to Whitewater gap (3 mile loop -- bring WATER!)

12:00 -- Lunch. (KP -- Peanut cabin -- Bear cabin assist the tykes)

1:00 -- All-camp Scavenger Hunt. By “All”, I mean ALL!!! All counselors must attend; All campers must be present. This is teamwork, guys. Leave no man or woman behind! Anyone failing to attend the scavenger hunt will report for dinner KP and will also chaperone the dance afterward.

3:00 -- Free time. All of Tyrone’s cast members report to arts n’ crafts cabin for rehearsal.
(Special note: Lifeguards Peachman and Pugh will be setting up for dance and will not be available for duty. ALL SWIMMING IS CANCELLED FOR THE AFTERNOON) 

5:00 -- Dinner. (KP -- Wolf cabin)

6:00 -- Independance dance!!! (chaperones: Mr. Dave, Miss Nancy, Matt Harrison, Zagnuts)

9:00 -- Campfire and fireworks on quad. (Chaperones continue duty, EXCEPT for Zagnuts who will clean Mess Hall)

10:30 -- Campers return to cabins. 

11:30 -- Lights out.

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