Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sarah And The Fabulous Cast

July 16th, 1985

Dear Mom,
  We've been rehearsing Amadeus: Live And Alive for a week now and I think Mr. Tay is going to have a heart attack before we perform at the End of Summer Gala. He cries a lot and acts like he is going to pass out. I think it's all because of Jimmy Barnes. He's playing Mozart, which is a lead, and all he does during rehearsals is goof around. Today was the day we were supposed to be off-book for the first few scenes and Jimmy hadn't even looked at his script since last week! I don't think he cares. It really makes me mad because I play Constanze, his wife, and he's always messing around during our scenes. He can't stop talking about disgusting things which I'm not going to tell you. But he's so gross. Ew.
  Anyway, Mr. Tay gets really worked up during rehearsals and says "I can't work like this!", then he'll run away crying. But then he'll come back three minutes later with a smile and apologize to everyone, even Jimmy! That's when Mr. Tay will usually have us put on scarves and act fabulous. Mr. Tay says fabulous is a way of life and we have to believe it before we can be it. That's always the best part of rehearsal, even Jimmy has a great time. Mr. Tay smiles the most during those times.
  I am starting to like it here. I love you.
                                     Sarah xxoo

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