Friday, July 10, 2015

The Hopestown Journal - Friday, September 28th 1985

Friday, September 28th, 1979

by Charles Lewis

  The primary suspect in last summer's quadruple homicide at Silver Bear Lake was killed today after a shootout with police officers. Authorities surrounded the lake house of the suspect, Michael "Mickey Jack" Fredericks and pursued him on foot after he escaped through a basement window. Sheriff Dansby told reporters that the suspect opened fire on the officers as he steered his boat onto the lake. Officers fired back and within seconds the boat caught fire and burst into flames near the Vandez Bridge.
Fredericks, 43, was a self-proclaimed novelist that had lived in the lake house for a number of years. Sheriff Dansby issued a statement that there was a substantial connection between the victims and Fredericks, but would not go into details at that time. Vandez Bridge is located only six hundred yards from the murder site and Camp Silver Bear, which is across the lake.

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