Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Theodore "Teddy" Dillard - 13


I’ll admit I’m a little freaked here. Still getting over the sight of that crazy dickwad chasing off Amber and Joey the other day in the woods. His skin looked all gross like DAWN OF THE DEAD gross. Jimmy took it in as one big laugh -- I guess because he looks up to me because I spiked the eggs and got everyone sick and I know the best places for tit action. Anyway, I was up late last night...a long time after everyone else in my cabin fell asleep. I was just thinking about that creepy fucker being out there somewhere in the woods. My mind started playing tricks on me. Thought I heard someone out there walking around and grunting. I was sure it was just one of the counselors sneaking off for a little midnight beaver snack down by the lake, but then...well, this morning I woke up and found Amber’s panties missing. I had stuffed them away so no one could find them -- in the hole under the headpost in my bunk that pulls out. Not even Jimmy knows about it because I wanted them all to myself the rest of the summer. It was probably Joey -- yeah, I’m pretty sure. We ran pretty fast when the crazy fucker left, so they probably saw us. I’m sure he knew we had Amber’s panties, and he knows where all the good hiding spots are because he’s the one that told us where to hide stuff! He snuck in here and got them during dinner, or after I fell asleep. I know I shouldn’t ask him, just in case he didn’t see us -- but I’m dying to know who took them… At least one of the counselors knows there’s some crazy evil fucker running around near the camp. I just know it’ll stop with Joey because he don’t want Mr. Dave to know he was out there. I’ve gotta keep my eyes open.

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