Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Brenda Is Worried

July 22nd, 1985

Last night was the most fucked up night of my life. God, I hate myself. It was totally mental. I mean, like, mental to the max. Like, Ozzy mental. I don't remember much after we raided the boys cabin. Things just pop into my head and I'm totally scared. We decided to do the raid without Sam because she was late. It was bitchin', like, for sure. We grabbed every pair we could find and threw them all in the lake. Let's see how they like that! After the raid, me and Tina and Amber rushed over to the bonfire. Sam never showed up, so we just split. The weird thing is, nobody's seen Sam OR Rudy all day. I bet they snuck out of camp and decided to bail with each other for the rest of summer. Anyway, when we got to the party, Joey let us all toke on his chonger and that's when things got really fucked up. I think there was PCP in that joint because everything went ape shit after we smoked. Things are kind of coming back to me. I saw Tina and Matt sneak off, I think. That fucking asshole. I think I fucked Joey. But that wasn't the worst part. This makes me want to puke. I think I went down on Zagnuts. I'm going to throw up. What if I got AIDs from that fat pig?!

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