Monday, July 6, 2015

Jimmy's Best Day (Saturday, July 6th, '85)

Whoa! Talk about tubular! This may be the most awesomest day of camp! It all started this morning. Like usual, me and Teddy snuck over to the Beaver cabin where the girl counselors stay. It wasn't cold like normal, so the windows weren't fogged and, boy, could we see everything. Tits everywhere! One of the girls saw a rat or something and then they all started jumping on their beds and screaming. Tits were bouncing all over the place!
Next, we skipped out on breakfast and went to the lake to see if we could find the spot where that family got murdered. We figured everyone would think we were still getting over the runs. And they definitely wouldn't think it was us who spiked the eggs! I still can't believe we got away with that. Teddy is a genius! So, we couldn't find the exact area, but Teddy was sure we were in the right place. Then we found it. Huge footprints. I didn't want to, but Teddy started following them. After a few yards, we found some kind of dead animal. It was all chewed up, gross and nasty. We just got away from there. Then, on our way back, we heard some moaning and groaning, so we decided to check it out and we caught Joey and Amber porking against a tree! We watched for a second and were about to jump out at them when this crazy looking guy came out of nowhere and scared them. He started yelling something and shaking his hands at them. Both of them picked up their clothes and ran. We waited for the crazy guy to walk off, then we left. But not before Teddy saw Amber's panties in the dirt and took them. We've been smelling them all day.
Finally, after dinner, me and Teddy snuck over to the counselors rec cabin and overhead Rudy and Joey planning a panty raid on the girl counselors soon. I am not missing that! This is the best summer of my life!

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