Sunday, July 5, 2015

Nancy Likes To Sleep In


Hey babe, miss me? I never thought I'd have a worse fourth than last year's at Mossytree, but I was wrong. Oh, Nancy, you're still so young. Whatever was in that breakfast yesterday wrecked nearly the entire camp! I think me and Dave might have been the only ones to not get sick and that's only because we fooled around and slept in. We missed the breakfast, so it had to be that. We've never had any problems with Sonny's cooking before, but he must have screwed around with the wrong recipe. I had never heard of Independence Omelettes, so I'm guessing it was something new he was trying. All classes were canceled today. Everyone was too sick to do anything! They've got the weekend to get better, so maybe Dave will let a couple of the counselors go into town and get some supplies. After yesterday, the camp is low on toilet paper and aspirin and other things. Grass, too. I'm just sad for Zagnuts. He's on bathroom duty for the rest of summer and it's World War Three in there right now!

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