Monday, June 15, 2015

Walt McAlister (Maintenance) - 58

Well, today was a hot one and I don't just mean the Goddamn temperature outside. I got pretty lucky when Dave called me up and said the girls' bathrooms was having a plumbing problem. I went over there with my tools and sure enough, the toilet was stopped up. Someone needs to tell these gals that they cant flush their tampons or pads or whatever the hell down there. Got that done in half a second but the best part was as I was leaving, that Tina passed me by-- to go shower. Let's just say I might have turned back around and peeked through the window at her changing. I saw it all and it was Goddamn glorious. I cant wait to tell the younger guys about it-- especially Rudy. Little shit is gonna be asking for details. I would tell Dave but he's a bit of a straight arrow and I think he's all ready banging her. I love my job.

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