Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sarah Stevenson - 12

June 20th, 1985

Dear Mom,
  Today was the first official day of camp and I hate it. I don't know anyone here except for Hobie Quinn, but he's so weird. He ate a roach last summer on a dare. Cindy Alvin didn't show up, I don't know why. She probably hated the look of it. The food is gross, they served some kind of meatloaf and macaroni stuff and I hate it. Why do I have to spend half of the summer here? I know you and your new boyfriend, Chip, are vacationing this summer, but I promise you if you ge me out of here, I'll stay out of your way. I promise, I promise, I promise! I hate it here.
                                                    Sarah  xxoo

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