Monday, June 15, 2015

Dave's Help

June 15th, 1985
 It's hard to believe we've nearly reached the first day for campers. Just a few days left. So proud of these counselors, they've worked their tails off getting this place in order. I haven't had to be too much of the bad guy, yet. No one has gotten out of hand or disobeyed myy rule of staying away from the northeast area of the lake. I appreciate it and I'll be relaxed on some other things. Mitchell's a handful, but he's been good at keeping his focus, so far. I wish I could say the same for Joey, but he's got girls on the brain. I can't blame him. It's been great having Phil with me to run things, but the work has taken its toll on both of us and Walt's just...well, he's Walt. The extra help is much needed. Nancy should be here tomorrow and she's bringing Sonny and the new Arts and Crafts instructor, Tyrone. It'll be great to see her and Sonny. I hope she brings some grass, I'm out.
  I love this place. I really feel that this is going to be a fantastic summer. I just hope these kids can keep their hormones in check. DH

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