Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Brenda's Saturday Night

June 30th, 1985

  So, Matt and I had totally amazing sex yesterday! We did it in the camp bus while we were in town. God, he's amazing. The only thing that was a little grody was seeing Joey and Amber doing it, too. But we were all so in the moment that I think it's okay. Like, that's what adults do, you know? It'd be totally different if it were anyone else, but they're both cute so it wasn't such a big deal.
  After that, we smoked a joint and Matt took everyone to the bar he had told me about. Everyone got to drink! It was totally rad! Then we all danced for, like, two hours. Tyrone's dancing is so fresh. The whole dance floor surrounded him and just watched as he breakdanced. The most amazing thing, though, is when the band invited him on stage. It was awesome to the max! Tyrone sang a bunch of funky James Brown songs and the whole bar was dancing. Then Zagnuts got on stage to dance and fell right into the drum set! The band tried to help him up, but he ralphed all over one of the guitars. Gag me with a spoon. That's when we all had to run out before they tried to fuck with us.
  Needless to say, Dave is pissed. He said he might not let any of us go on the next Townie weekend. And he's totally pissed at Zagnuts. The dork has to clean up the bathrooms for the rest of summer! Thank God, I didn't want to have to clean them with these kids using them now. Grody to the max.

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