Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Just Nick" Nick - Hopestown Townie, Self-Employed - 20 (6/16/85)

Well, today my wallet just got a lot fatter. I had gotten a ring around 6pm from my buddy Rudy. Told me he was in need of some "goods" to help him get through all this shit-work his boss was throwing at him at this camp he's working. Of course, I was happy to help out...you can really hike up the prices on these goofs when they're desperate.

I met him by the lake at sundown, so nobody see us. After he left, I snuck into that camp and whoa...I need to think about being a counselor next summer. The babes there? Holy Christ. They're major. I've got my eye on a couple few of them. Gonna have to come up here again--soon. This one chick in the cabin,  Tits like a sparrow. I think I heard one of them girls call her Amber. I'll see her again. 

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