Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Rude" Awakening


Fuck Dellamussa. That punk got to Amber before I even had a chance. I had it all planned out that I was gonna get her toasted and nail her on the camp bus when we go to town on Saturday. Now she's on his wad! I thought Joey D was after Tina, so I helped him score some bud from Nick. Big mistake! Now my only hope for porksville is this chick Sam I’m on lake patrol with. She’s no Amber (and really no Tina!) but she’s cool. I got her with a prank and she slapped the shit outta me, but laughed afterward. Excellent smile. Bet she flosses. I’m going to take her into town and maybe see if Nick will let us get it on in his van or something. Man, I need it bad!

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