Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nancy's Pep Talk


Hey babe,
  Dave has GOT to relax. He's been so uptight the past two days ever since he caught Joey and Amber balling. I told him to take it easy with those two, they're just teenagers. Full of raging hormones. Last night, we smoked and then he told me what was really the matter. He's worried about this place. I guess, the past two times that someone has tried to reopen the camp, vandals have set fires and smashed equipment. It seems some of the townies didn't want it to open up again. Maybe nobody wanted to lose money on Silver Bear, so they just gave up on it. I think Dave's afraid it's going to happen again if townies stumble on counselors having sex in the woods. I told him he was too paranoid, there was no need to worry and we just need to make sure everyone has sex in their cabins. Starting with us. He loosened up after I said that.
  Strange thing, though...I did have this weird feeling that we were being watched down by the lake. Here I am getting paranoid. It was probably one of the counselors. Zagnuts.

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