Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Joey And Some Missing Undies

June 24th, 1985

  Man, Dave caught me and Amber bopping last night! So bogus. I've been talking to her the last day or two, just having a few laughs between camp classes and stuff. She let me know she was available, so I didn't waste time. We snuck off during the campfire and went to the lake. We started kissing and her mouth was like an animal. She bit me a hundred times! Then, she starts taking off her clothes. Butt naked! Then she runs into the water. Can you believe it?? She tells me to join her, so I do and take off my clothes. We splash around a little bit then swim over to the dock. This babe is major. The way the moonlight hit her body, I had a major boner. I just got on top of her and started porking. She was really into it, too. Then after a few minutes, we hear Dave screaming at us. We look up and there's Dave and Nancy staring at us, pissed off. He tells us to get our clothes on and to never go back to the lake without the group. I think he was more angry that we were at the dock than for us fucking. Live another day.
  Weird thing, we couldn't find our underwear. Amber's bra and panties and my underwear were missing. Dave swears he didn't take them. I bet Zagnuts was watching us and stole them. Pervert.

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