Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dave Haggerty, Owner/Operator of Camp Silver Bear

Day 11 - June 11th, 1985
  This is a strong group. They seem to enjoy the work, which is good. I've been here a week and a half and it began to feel impossible. The work needed to make this beautiful place live again is so great and daunting. It's a much harder undertaking than I had imagined. But when these kids arrived yesterday, everything changed. They really hit the ground running. I feel renewed with them and I am so grateful. The truck will be here tomorrow and I can finally provide a good meal for the counselors. They certainly deserve it. Perhaps it's too early, but I think tomorrow night we'll have a campfire dinner and I'll tell them what happened here six years ago. Phil doesn't think I should. He thinks the story will frighten some of them into leaving, but I don't want them hearing some exaggerated version of the story in town. It's best if they hear it from me now. The truth. Long day tomorrow. But a good day. DH

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