Thursday, June 25, 2015

Matt Harrison - Hopestown Townie, Silver Bear Bus Driver - 19


Pretty awesome deal. I'm so glad I don’t have to stay in town with my step-dad all summer and all I had to do was drive a bus. I laid on the strings with Mr. Dave -- told him what was going on with my “home” situation, and he ended up putting me up in one of the bunks with the kids and a couple counselors. I just gotta give the little animals rides to the river every now and then for their rafting, and also go back to town for supplies when they need ‘em -- which is super rad ‘cause I’m already running low on grow and I’ve played out my new Stryper. You might think being stuck in a hot cabin with a bunch of filthy, shitting pre-teens all summer might suck a fatty, but actually, so far it’s been great! These kids are gnarly! One of them snorted a couple lines of a Bug Juice powder packet on a dare and got so hopped up from the shock that he punched a window. Goddamn, the blood was everywhere. He’s okay, though -- everyone clapped and lifted him up high when he came back from the Nurse with a bandage up to his elbow. This kid's pretty fresh. His name’s Jimmy and I gave him one of my Fangorias as a reward. I’ll probably get horizontal with that Brenda chick. She seems pretty interested, but not interesting--a real Joanie, so I won’t get involved. That’s the only thing that sucks a chub at this place. All these girls are all busy during the day with their classes, and at night Mr. Dave is so in on their business I wouldn’t be surprised if he spends all night watching the camp on closed-circuit TV. Couple of nights ago, he caught that Joey and Amber chick down at the lake, but to be fair Amber was screamin like a stuck pig so you can’t blame the head man for being intrusive. I think it’d be wrong anyway to go for Brenda at this camp -- or any of the girls, for that matter -- bein that Mr. Dave’s helping me out and giving me a place to stay and all. So I’ll probably wait for the counselors’ retreat to town this weekend. I’ll be drivin the bus and I’m sure I can get my buddy Gary who works at the Sunset Video to leave the stockroom keys for me. That’s where I’ll boink her.

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