Thursday, June 18, 2015

Miller Dansby - Sheriff of Hopestown (Retiring) - 67

10:12 AM June 18 1985

Filing this report because I went up to that Camp Silver Bear to talk with David Haggerty. The campers start arriving tomorrow and he needs to know a few things. I brought along some newspaper clippings in case he didn't know all the facts. As it turns out, he did.

I've never been more insulted in all my damn life. He all but laughed in my face when I told him this was an unsolved case and reopening the camp was a rotten idea. He started saying things like "that was then, this is now" and "no one will mess with us and this camp." He was mocking me...and I think he and half his staff were all high on dope.

They all need to keep their wits about them up there. Aside from getting that damn camp ready, I think all they're focused on is having them pretty young things to share their slumber bags with them. Can't say I blame them boys there. Wish I was a younger man sometimes.

I will keep an eye on them but only for so long. My days are winding down and it's about time me and Shirley up and moved to Florida. Over and out.

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