Sunday, June 14, 2015

Joey's Plan

June 14th, 1985
  Man, this week has been bogus. All of us have been working like dogs trying to get this camp in awesome condition. We've been working long days and we haven't had much time to party. I'm almost out of bud. Totally bogus. Dave said we'll have a few times to go into town during the summer, so I'm hoping one of them is soon. Somebody's gotta have some bud in that lame town, there's nothing else to do there! Maybe I can score some booze, too. Bud and Booze. I just gotta get some of these babes high. As my old man says, "get them high, legs'll spread wide". I totally would like to see Tina get wide. That babe is major. I've talked to her a few times, she's cool. Just quiet. I'll get her to loosen up. She might be way cooler now, but Zagnuts had to spaz out and get blood all over her the other night. I think it was ketchup or something. What a dweebo. I gotta get him laid. Maybe with that Lisa Butts. She must've fell out of the butt ugly tree and hit every limb on the way down. That's a match made in heaven. I gotta get that porker to pork with Butts. I'm a genius!

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