Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Joey Dellamussa - 17

June 10th, 1985
  Today was so rad! I rode with some of the other counselors to Camp Silver Bear. They all seem really cool. We got here about one and the head counselors were already here. The main guy in charge is Dave Haggerty. He seems okay, but kind of a lame-o. I could tell most of the girls thought he was pretty bitchin. He showed us which cabins we would be using and I was totally bummed out. I'm in a cabin with a bunch of guys! For two and a half months! I thought we'd have at least a couple of girls. But they're not far off, just about twenty yards away. They have their own cabin and I'll definitely be checking it out. The food was bogus, but Haggerty said it'd be better. It was just "first night". We've got a week and a half before those little shits arrive. Just kidding, those sweet little campers. Anyway, we've got to clean this place up before they get here and it's horrible! Haggerty said he would post the duties sheet tomorrow. I hope I don't get stuck cleaning the bathrooms! Oh, and I almost forgot...there's one last thing that makes this all worth it. Her name is Tina. God, beautiful big tits. Blonde and blue eyes. I think I'm in love. I HAVE to be with her! She said Hi to me in the dining hall...her voice. Her ass. God, I'm in love. This is going to be the greatest summer of my life!

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