Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dave Has An Understanding

June 27th, 1985

  Tomorrow marks the end of the first full week. Damn proud of these guys for all of the work they've put in. Of course, they've got to get ahold of their hormones. They're teenagers, I understand. Nancy keeps telling me to take it easy, but I can't have the campers discovering them in each other's pants. We'd be shut down, or worse, and I've worked too hard and sacrificed a lot to get this beautiful place working again. Good thing is they all have a day in town on Saturday. Gives them a chance to recharge and release. I hope they get it all out of their systems because they won't get another chance for three weeks.
  I complain, but the reality is these guys are doing a fantastic job and I do need to try and take Nancy's advice. I'm glad she's here. And I'm glad she brought that grass. DH

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