Saturday, June 13, 2015

Brenda Booker - 18

June 12th, 1985

  Yesterday was hellacious! I had to help clear off the camp trails. And it was so humid. Like, what do they want from us? Then, last night was so lame. We had to listen to Dave tell this grody story at the campfire dinner. So like, there was some satanic murder thing here in '79. I guess some weirdo family killed this other family, but I don't think they ever caught them or something? I don't remember the whole story because it was like totally grody to the max. Dave kept telling us how the satan family cut up the other family and did stuff to them. God, gag me with a spoon, like I'm getting sick just thinking about it. Dave told us to stay away from the other end of the lake, AS IF! Then that nerd Zagnuts tried to scare everybody by running at us covered in blood, but the dweeb tripped and landed on Tina Myers. He got blood all over her! What a lame-o. I wonder if Tina has the hots for Dave? I think she does, she sat all close to him. I have to help with the showers today. I wish I was helping Dave with the signs and stuff. Sam is so lucky.

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