Thursday, June 11, 2015

Samantha "Sam" Pugh - 18

June 11th, 1985
  Dear Diary,
I hope the rest of summer is as perfect as today. All of the counselors began the repairs of the camp grounds. I started by helping the other girls clean out the old cabins for the campers. Some of the girls, like Tina, moaned a bit because it was so dirty, but I didn't mind. It's like Mom always told me, "God made dirt and dirt don't hurt". After the cabins, we all split up to do our duties list assignment. Mine was helping Dave with sign repair. It was way fun and easy. Dave just had me hold some wood while he did most of the work. I'm not sure, but I think Brenda has the hots for him. She said she could tell he has a good body. He's kind of hunky, so I understand. But I don't think he would go for her. He's 25. He's a man and Brenda is still a girl. I feel bad writing that, but I'm only saying the truth. He's also really smart and she doesn't like smart guys. Dave knows so much, he talked all day about the history of this area and how much the camp means to him. I think he sees it as a legacy or something. He said he's rescuing it from being torn down for good. And then it got hot and he took his shirt off. I tried not to look, but I think he noticed. He does have a hot body. But he's 25.

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