Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jimmy Barnes - 12 (June 20th '85)

Wow! This camp is great! It's only been one day and I've already seen a cabin full of tits! I was checking out the camp with Teddy Dillard and we saw some of the girl counselors going inside their cabin, so Teddy got the idea that maybe we could peek in through the back window. We did and we saw everything! That counselor Brenda has a great set. I don't remember the other girls' names, but they were just walking around and talking to each other with no shirts! Or bras or anything! This camp is awesome!
Tomorrow is our first chance to go to the lake. Teddy says that some people got killed there a few years ago. He said it was a family and that the two kids were found hanging upside down with their guts hanging out. He said the dad was sliced neck to nuts and the mom had her tits cut off. This is going to be rad.

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