Friday, June 26, 2015

Sam and Rudy, Lifeguard Duty

June 26th, 1985

Dear Diary,
  Today was just so much fun with the campers. It's been a week since they arrived and time has flown! So far this week, I've been on lifeguard duty with Rudy. He's not as bad as the others make him out to be, just a little rough. He's actually really funny. Today, one of the kids fell off the dock into the lake and I had to rescue him. It was Jimmy Barnes and when I got him out, I thought he wasn't breathing so I gave him mouth-to-mouth. The little brat started frenching me! I saw Rudy laughing and he confessed he set the whole thing up. I was so mad at first, but Rudy kept smiling and then I couldn't help but laugh. The rest of the day flew by after that. Rudy knows some places in town, so I think we'll have some fun when we all go this weekend. Of course, it'd be more fun if Dave were going, but he's staying with some of the head counselors to watch the campers.

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