Friday, June 12, 2015

Mitchell "Zagnuts" Hedgrew - 18

June 11th, 1985

  Here we go! Finally a senior counselor at summer camp and this summer I will make it work. No more brown-nosing and getting picked on. Those kids coming in a couple of weeks must respect me, because the buck stops here, son. And if anything gets hairy, Dave’ll back me up. He’s cool. He even gave me an easy duties list. I don't have to clean the bathrooms! I'm so glad he asked me to come help him here at Camp Silver Bear. Last summer at Camp Mossytree was horrible. 
  I lost something like 10 pounds Junior year, and some of that even turned into muscle! Some of the counselors were from Mossytree and I think they are noticing that I’m not quite the fatty I was last year. They’re giving me real respect looks. No one’s even called me Zagnuts yet -- amazing! I thought I’d never get over that one hot night last July when I faked being sick just so I could stay in the cabin alone and jerk off while everyone else was down at the campfire. It was so damn hot I stripped off everything just so I could finish without passing out. Well it went well til the end when I realized I couldn’t find a clean sock to shoot in, so in a frenzy I grabbed a Zagnut bar for the wrapper and of course you don’t want to waste a perfectly good Zagnut, so I held it in my mouth instead of just dropping it on the floor. AND THAT HAD TO BE THE MOMENT when everyone came back from the campfire only to find little ole me munching down a candy bar while spewing in its wrapper. Well for the rest of the summer everyone called me Zagnuts-- even though anyone outside the cabin didn’t know why. See, the guys didn’t tell the origin story, just the name. I guess they felt some empathy. 
  So I feel real good with who I am right now -- I might even work up the courage to take a walk on the lake with someone. I’ve got a few girls in mind already. Everybody’s got that Tina pretty well pegged, but I’m not dumb enough to think she’s in my league...yet. Maybe I can saddle up to her at the campfire dinner tonight. But I'll act like I don't notice her.

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